At Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors we can provide a full range of services and recommendations for your yacht spa design. No job is too big or small for us, each one is unique and bespoke. 

Yacht Spa Design

YAcht spa DESIGN

We are the only independent retailer specialising in the yachting market with access to a plethora of leading spa equipment in the world. You can experience an unlimited selection of spa and salon furnishings, equipment and accessories for your yacht spa design.

Our team of dedicated designers will work hard to design your very own luxury Superyacht spa that seamlessly fits into your yacht aesthetic.

We can offer customisable furnishings, equipment and accessories that all culminate together to make a bespoke and personalised yacht spa and wellness experience.

Yacht Spa Design

WHy gym marine?

At Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors we cover all your needs from spa design and installation to custom, high-end equipment and furnishings. Our goal is to take the stress headache out of yacht spa design.

From start to finish we are there to recommend the best possible floor plans and equipment for your spa. Specifically, when designing a Superyacht, there are some unique factors to take into consideration, however, with our team’s extended knowledge and experience with superyachts, the designing process will be a breeze.

Yacht Spa Design

things to consider

There is rarely a vast amount of space dedicated to superyacht spas, however, at Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors we can advise on the best positioning for your equipment, ensuring there is plenty of room for therapists to perform their treatments. 

Our expert designers can recommend or customise equipment and furnishings to withstand and protect against all kinds of damage.

We understand that low ceilings are often a common trait of yacht spa designs, therefore we’ll be on hand to recommend the best possible and highest quality equipment to perfectly fit your space.

Yacht Spa Design

the yacht design process

We will initially arrange a consultation, addressing the specifications of the desired space. When designing the space, we take all previously mentioned factors into consideration, offering advice on the development and rebuild when fitting in your client’s equipment and furnishings.

Paying attention to the floorplan is key when making sure all your equipment perfectly fits your space, creating a luxury Superyacht spa experience. Pick your equipment and furnishings with an aesthetic in mind, and extend the unique interiors of your Superyacht into your own luxury spa.

At Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors our spa designers will work with your clients and team to create a spa that will exceed the expectations of your guests. We work hard to make sure the yacht spa design is perfectly catered to your client’s treatment needs and desires.



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