At Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors we have an experienced team on hand to offer you the best possible equipment, furnishings and accessories for your home spa design. 

Home Spa Design

Home spa DESIGN

Installing a spa in your own home is a long term investment in your health and wellbeing. They offer the opportunity to focus on yourself, providing escapism from the stress and tribulations of daily life. You no longer have to find the time to take yourself when there’s a bespoke and unique home spa design just down the hall.

We aspire that every one of our home spa design projects will be a space that is cherished and enjoyed for years to come. No job is too big or too small for us. It is our aim to cater bespoke and unique designs to each individual home spa.

Planning your dream home spa is a vital stage on the design process of new builds, renovations, extensions or one off room refurbishments. As specialists we will highlight the most important factors to consider when designing.

Home Spa Design

The importance of planning

To avoid disruptions and hiccups at later dates, we will always recommend an in-depth plan. Involving a home spa designer during the planning and building phase can ensure a smooth designing process and avoid future delays.

As specialists, we have the knowledge to highlight the key factors to take into consideration when planning your home spa design. Such as power supply points, positioning of equipment and additional working space needed for therapists to ensure it isn’t overcrowded. Only to name a few! 

Our design experts can take all these factors into consideration and design a beautiful and bespoke home spa that seamlessly extends the aesthetic of your interiors.

Home Spa Design

our HOME SPA design process

Our home sap design process will begin with an in-depth discussion to find out the client’s desired equipment, brands and treatments they wish to feature in their wellness space. We will also discuss the vision for the aesthetics of the room. 

With access to all leading spa and wellness brands, our clients can choose from an unlimited selection. We provide equipment and furnishings from major companies such as Nilo, Lemi, Maletti and more, all offering high-quality and unique products.

After an initial consultation, our designers will get to work producing a 2D layout, displaying the best possible outcome for your home spa design, incorporating all your chosen equipment, furnishings and accessories.

Home Spa Design

our installation process

At Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors the client comes first, the delivery and installation are scheduled around them. We can accommodate and hold all products in our warehouse, allowing for everything to be delivered at once.

Our experienced engineers are always on hand to deliver and install your home spa design, performing a detailed handover once the spa is complete, offering any further information on the running and servicing of your products.

A home spa design project doesn’t stop at the installation for Gym Marine Yachts and Interiors, we always provide after-sales support for your products, including annual servicing, emergency repairs or even new equipment requests.

Home Spa Design

why gym marine

Thanks to our unparalleled knowledge, we are able to recommend the best design for the clients home spa design needs. As soon as all the designs and drawings are signed off, they will soon become a reality as we plan the delivery and installation process.

Our flexibility with clients can provide peace of mind during traditionally stressful times. As we understand with many home spa projects delays can happen, however we do all we can to ensure the process is a smooth one.

At the end of all the hard work and designing, the client is rewarded with their own personalised home spa and wellness experience.



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