• WaterRower Classic

  • WaterRower Classic

Beautifully finished in dark walnut, the WaterRower Classic is a piece of art.

This rowing machine has long been one of our favourite pieces of home gym equipment at Gym Marine.

Meticulous care is taken in the creation of each rowing machine, and ensures the WaterRower ethos of elegant design and American craftsmanship is evident whether in use or in storage. The soothing sound of the patented water resistance is both blissful and motivational.

Purchase Price

£1,149.00 including VAT

Rowing is a total body workout like no other.

Rowing moves the joints through a full and fluid range of motion, which helps prevent arthritis and other injuries related to the sedentary lifestyle which is commonplace in our times. Exercise on a rowing machine like the WaterRower Classic is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Key Features of the WaterRower Classic:

  • Patented Water Flywheel that replicates the physical dynamics of rowing giving
    realistic and consistent rowing strokes.
  • Handcrafted solid American Walnut wood frame and finished with three (3) coats of
    Danish oil makes the frame extremely durable.
  • Ergonomic seat and footrests molded for comfort and stability.
  • Polycarbonate water tank making it virtually indestructible.
  • Maximum User Weight: 1,000 lbs.

Key Data



Dimensions (In Use)

L 209 x W 57 x H 51cm

Dimensions (Stored)

L 57 x W 51 x H 209cm


33kg (up to 53kg when wet)

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