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Life Fitness & ICG State of the Art Spin Bikes: Find the perfect ride

ICG Indoor Cycle

The Life Fitness Spin Bike offers an unbeatable riding experience and powered by ICG these indoor cycles combine elegant designs with intelligent features and enhanced connectivity. The series is comprised of eight different models, each with their own unique features. Gracing users with a great number of smart tech, the Life Fitness Spin Bike offers an unrivalled training experience. From the original IC1 to the impressive IC8 power trainer, explore this comprehensive guide in order to find the perfect ride.

LifeFitness Bike

IC1 - Classic and Durable Design

This entry-level cycle offers a simplified feature set without compromising on premium grade materials, engineering and styling. Suitable for commercial use these bikes are built to last. The IC1 offers a Poly-V Belt drive system for a quieter and smoother ride, as well as a perimeter-weighted flywheel and sweat guard. The smart machine also exhibits built-in handlebar sensors that transmit cycling data to a wired on-board computer so track performance and stay motivated.

ICG Indoor Bikes

IC2 - Proven Engineering and Styling

Similar to the IC1 but with a few added features the IC2 offers Dual-Sided SPD-Compatible pedals and 4-Way Saddle Adjustments. Compatible with an ANT+ Console receive detailed performance stats, including HR, Cadence/RPM reading, Training Duration, Distance and Calories. Personalise this indoor bike by adding a handlebar bottle holder and keep hydrated whilst powering through workouts.

ICG indoor bikes

IC4 - Modern Feel and superior rides

The IC4 offers users a supreme fit and cutting-edge looks, this Life Fitness spin bike takes riding to the next level thanks to a host of new features. The IC4 starts by shifting the evenly weighted Flywheel to the rear and comes complete with an aluminium finish. The Drivetrain Gear Ratio moves from 1:3 (seen with previous models) to an impressive 1:10 ratio and the resistance system becomes magnetic for tactile feedback and quick and easy adjustments. This model ushers in the new age of indoor cycling, paving the way for a complete connected experience.

ICQ Bike Life Fitness

IC5 - Engaging user experience

Expect more with the IC5, this Life Fitness spin bike proudly presents a WattRate Power Meter and WattRate LCD Computer. It also allows access to Bluetooth phone pairing and ANT+ data streaming. Workout with the Coach by Colour (user version) and receive clear and concise performance stats. Connect to the ICG app to view, save and track workout history. This powerful cycle offers a connected cardio experience that keeps users motivated and engaged during each session.

ICG Indoor Cycle

IC6 - Self Powered Generator

The IC6 adopts advanced digital engineering and more technology and value than any other indoor cycle before it. The standout feature of this Life Fitness spin bike includes a powerful full colour, android-driven WattRate TFT Computer, self-powered by the bikes generator. Riders are connected to their workouts and to the digital world like never before. With this model users are offered Coach by Colour with user and instructor mode, giving riders accurate zonal training with stimulating colour to help coach and customise training sessions.

ICG Indoor Cycle

IC7 - 2-Stage Hybrid Poly-V & Tooth belt

Similar to the IC6 but with extra power, this Life Fitness spin bike delivers pioneering design and functionality like no other, due to an innovative two-stage drivetrain (shifting from 1:10 to 1:11). This ICG cycle also displays the market’s most accurate WattRate Power meter (+/-1%) and 100 level precision magnetic resistance. This resistance system is upgraded to give users a magnetic 300 degree dial making it even easier to switch the intensity throughout sessions. The IC7 stands out with its next generation looks and its immaculate design.

LifeFitness Bike

IC8 - Power Trainer

The latest in the series boasts a new standard in power training, the IC8 gives users a true ride feel and is built for serious riders and athletes. With a greater power accuracy, wattage and performance data the IC8 delivers superior results, especially for cycle-specific coaching, high-intensity interval training and endurance training.

The Drivetrain reaches a 13:75 to 1 ratio with a chain-driven freewheel, allowing users to be in total control of accelerations and coasting. With a WattRate Polar View users receive detailed data on pedal stroke and balance. Performance is also displayed with great accuracy thanks to the direct WattRate power meter (standing at +/- 1%). This is complemented by the 300-degree dial offering 100 clicked increments and displaying the resistance levels on the WattRate TFT computer from 0-100.

The Life Fitness Spin Bike is inspired by the movement of triathlon cycling and even allows users to improve pedal efficiency, increase power and reserve energy. This is also apparent with the triathlon inspired handlebars which come complete with forearm rests for maximum comfort. Each bike in the series offers something special so get the most out of each training session with these stylish and intelligent machines.

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