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Adjustable dumbbells – these are our top picks

Adjustable dumbbells

Most people will agree that regular, or adjustable dumbbells are a great part of a well-rounded workout and standard equipment that you would expect to find in any gym. Perfect for light weights training or in addition to body weight exercises, they are incredibly versatile and have a wide variety of uses. Unlike traditional weight machines, users can focus on one arm or leg at a time and move them in more than one line of motion which is key to strengthening and building muscle. They are also more joint-friendly as you can move more freely and naturally so users will see results with a lower risk of injury.

Also great for increasing muscle tone and overall endurance, the use of lighter weights allows for higher reps with shorter rest times which will get the heart pumping and contribute towards a cardio workout. There is only one potential downside to using dumbbells and that is that they can take up a lot of space and are bulky to store. For many superyacht and home gyms, space is at a serious premium and at Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors we work hard with customers to come up with tailored solutions that will work for them.

One of our go-to spacing saving methods is adjustable dumbbells. These are great for gyms of any size but ideal for those that need to maximise available floor and storage space. Without restricting your weight range, adjustable dumbbells give the user everything that a conventional set would but without the big footprint. There are a good variety on the market, but these are some of our favourites:

Nuo Flexbell Adjustable Dumbbells:

Nuo Flexbell Adjustable Dumbbells

These beautifully designed dumbbells by Nuo Athletics have two weight options. You can pick a 2-20kg set, or a 2-32kg, depending on the user’s training needs. Changing weights is easy via the twistable handle. This allows the user to seamlessly add or remove kgs from their workout. The weights are available with or without a stand and look great on display or tucked away into a corner.

Stairmaster TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells:


stairmaster twistlock

Stairmaster’s adjustable dumbbells could take pride of place in any gym but were specifically designed with homes in mind. They give the feel of a commercial gym kit minus the clutter, and are excellent for endurance training. With a weight range of 2.2 to 22.7kg, these dumbbells are equipped with an aluminium cradle and can also be purchased with a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel stand if required. Also included is a free exercise guide that will get you started with 20 exercises to give a full body workout and get you training stronger.

Technogym Wellness Rack:

Technogym Wellness Rack

A different take on traditional adjustable dumbbells, this elegantly designed weight kit by Technogym is just the ticket for those looking to add a little weight to their training sessions with a range of 2-10kg on each side. The dumbbells are mounted on a lovely transparent polycarbonate stand that will fit easily onto a windowsill or a shelf and each weight is finished in silicone to protect against damage. The loadable handlebars are easy to use and make changing between weights quick and efficient.

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