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#ProductoftheWeek: the Technogym Artis Climb

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Climbing stairs is a great cardio workout with lots of health benefits. In fact, climbing just eight flights a day can have a huge impact on your longevity and quality of life. It’s so beneficial that many gyms all over the world have included some sort of climbing machine within their facilities for clients to use as part of their workouts.

Suitable for all fitness levels, users are able to set the pace that is most appropriate for them and speed up or slow down depending on how they are training. Perfect for improving endurance and stamina the repetitive motion of stepping tones glutes, thighs, abdominals, hips and core muscles; whilst still being gentle on joints. This makes it ideal for all types of user from pro athletes to those undergoing rehabilitation.

There is now a wide selection of stairclimbers on the market that are suitable for a home gym, but we love the Technogym Artis Climb in particular because it has one key feature that makes it particularly desirable to some of our clients…

Why we love the Technogym Artis Climb

Technogym Artis Climb feature

What sets the Technogym Artis Climb apart from others in the market is its small footprint which at 130cm x 77cm can be squeezed into most gym areas whilst still offering a wide stair climbing space. This is thanks to the Split Step technology that has been developed specifically by the Technogym research & development team. It not only ensures that there is always a courtesy step at the bottom of the climber but also allows the machine to take up less space as steps do not need to fold underneath.

Available in black or carbon grey it cuts a fine figure in any gym environment and like all Technogym equipment is designed with sleek lines and soft touch finishes. Footrests on either side of the steps allow users who need to take a break or are interacting with the touchscreen console to step on and off with ease.

The Unity 3.0 console offers great entertainment with wifi connectivity and lots of apps including Netflix, Skype, Facebook and compatibility with many third-party fitness trackers. With a large glass screen and a built-in webcam for live communication, this console is easy to use and lets you connect with friends all over the world, so you can sweat it out together. Plus, if you’re looking for a little more motivation Technogym not only have a gruelling selection of virtual routes you can try out but also their very own goal orientated routines designed for improving muscle mass, toning and fat burning.


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