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There’s A Little Extra Superyacht Know-how Amongst The Team At Gym Marine….


For superyacht crew who want to make the move ashore but can’t bear to leave the industry they love behind, an opportunity to stay in the sector and apply their skills and knowledge in a new way is the perfect answer.

Here at Gym Marine, we’re fortunate to have several ex-yacht crew amongst the team, and their first-hand experience and insight to the dynamic of life aboard a superyacht is a key part of our success.  That extra know-how goes a long way to helping us get it right.



Portia Scorer began with Gym Marine in 2021 as a Fulfilment Manager, supporting the sales team and handling procurement, logistics and operations. As the business grew, Portia was promoted to Operations Manager and whilst still responsible for many aspects of fulfilment, she oversees the team on a day-to-day basis and manages special projects.

“My yachting experience is of direct benefit to Gym Marine’s clients. I understand the pressure felt by crew to ensure they meet guest expectations, and the logistical problems of getting items to remote locations on tight deadlines. Good service, great quality, and clear communication are essential.” 


Portia was introduced to yachting by her seafarer father and, growing up in Durban, South Africa, the sea was never far from view.  Her own yachting career began in Antibes, with a deck/stew position aboard a 49m boat. She secured her next job as a deckhand aboard a 57m and when that yacht commenced its winter refit, Portia turned her hand to helping with maintenance of the decks and engine room, which lead to her ‘big break’ and next role as a deckhand aboard a 60m, built by Proteksan Turquoise.

When Portia stepped back onshore, she returned to South Africa and first took a job as a travel agent, followed by a role as production coordinator and product developer with a fashion wholesaler who recognised the incredible work ethic Portia’s yachting experience had instilled in her. Having learnt about the manufacturing process, import and export, business administration, logistics and operations, Portia migrated to the UK and, fortunately for us, found Gym Marine.

“Gym Marine was the perfect option. It allowed me to apply my existing skillset in a different way, but also brought me back to the world of superyachts – when the company discovered I had been a deckhand and a stew, they were excited to bring this first-hand understanding into their business. My experience working within a shipyard, and the many people involved with the supply process, has really been an advantage to my work.” – Portia Scorer, Operations Manager, Gym Marine.

Portia finds job satisfaction in seeing the finished result of a gym space designed and specified by her colleagues, and is spurred on in her role by the repeat business received and positive feedback from clients. She says: “It’s true testimony that what we do is valuable, respected, and appreciated.”


DSC_4902-de56d721c319d318For Kayleigh Westgarth, who runs Gym Marine’s sister company Coral Spa Consultants, her earlier career in the superyacht industry was something of an accidental one. 

“I had been working in a spa aboard a cruise ship when my CV was picked up by an owner’s rep, who then offered me a job aboard a large motor yacht,” explains Kayleigh. Kayleigh began as a stew and a masseuse, before finding her ideal role as a spa manager, and she went on to work aboard some of the superyacht world’s most iconic vessels including Cloudbreak, Lady S, and Flying Fox – for which she setup the spa suite during the yacht’s build.

It was this role with Flying Fox that prompted Kayleigh to make the move ashore and setup her own consulting business. Working freelance initially, she was quickly approached by Gym Marine who saw an opportunity for expansion, making Kayleigh’s expertise part of their business.

Kayleigh now runs Coral Spa Consultants, part of the Gym Marine Group, which focusses on the spa setup for superyacht new builds and refits, as well as supporting yachts with already-operational spas that want to diversify their treatment offering or vary their spa products.

Kayleigh’s experience in the wellness industry, and specifically her time aboard yachts, has equipped her with an unparalleled insight and understanding of the operational requirements and day-to-day management of superyacht spa and wellness areas. 

Being able to remain in the yachting industry, though in a different capacity, is what Kayleigh loves most about her work with Coral Spa Consultants – the opportunity to learn a different side of things, and face new challenges within a relative sphere of comfort. “What I really enjoyed about working on yachts, was the people – having a great crew around me made the experience special, but I’ve been fortunate to find a very similar and supportive environment at Gym Marine. I’d been on boats for 12 years when I decided to move shoreside, and being able to evolve my skill set and apply it in a new way, helping to improve spa facilities aboard for other therapists, is fantastic.”


meet the team

Assisting Gym Marine’s founding partner and managing director Edward Thomas – who himself enjoyed a brief stint as superyacht crew – is Kelly Edwards.

Inspired by stories of seafaring adventures that she heard from friends who’d become yacht crew, Kelly decided to give it a go herself. Starting on the bottom of the ladder (fourth stew!) Kelly persevered and her diligent work finally attained her a chief stew’s position.

After eight years on yachts, Kelly found herself craving the stability of a shore-based role, and first worked as a House Manager and a PA within a family office before taking a job as an Executive Assistant to the Director of an interior design firm. Having relocated to Bradford upon Avon during COVID, when a similar role appeared as the Executive Assistant to the Director of Gym Marine, based in Bath, Kelly jumped at the opportunity.

Whilst Kelly had no experience of the health and fitness sector specifically, her background in yachting meant she understood the demands of life as yacht crew, and the high expectations of Gym Marine’s clients.

Having learnt to operate at an elite level and become adept at working in fast-paced, fast-changing environments, Kelly had all the experience that was needed, and she says this familiarity has been integral to helping her in her day-to-day responsibilities at Gym Marine.  

For a company like Gym Marine, having team members that understand the workings of a yacht, can decipher a general arrangement plan, and appreciate the logistics of supply to and installation aboard a moving vessel, is a huge asset.

“I have to admit, I do miss waking up in a new place every day – that’s a great feeling – and the laundry room holds a strangely special place in my heart, there’s a certain therapeutic nature to perfecting the crease in the table linens! Working on superyachts brought me many incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but when cabin life started to take its toll, I decided it was time to leave. No two days are the same at Gym Marine, and every project is different. This dynamic company is always striving to reach new heights and push the boundaries, and it’s incredibly inspiring to be part of that.” – Kelly Edwards, Executive Assistant, Gym Marine.