NUO Athletics

NUO solves a solution to a problem

NUO was founded by Tomas Svenberg, formerly a member of the Swedish national rowing team, when he realised a gap in the market. He couldn’t find the right equipment to help him train through the winter and so decided to design something himself.

This began with the Omnigym, a multigym that proved very popular after its release and available for sale at the likes of Harrods and other high-end retailers. Then in 2006 the NUO Flexbells were released and coined as ‘the world’s smartest dumbbell’.

What makes the Flexbell so unique that is an adjustable dumbbell, a real space saver but delivers the same results as conventional dumbbells. These have been particularly popular onboard our superyacht gym design projects where space is always at a premium and there is no room to compromise on the weights that are needed.