Eleiko Deliver Expert Craftsmanship and Unmatched Performance

Eleiko started its journey in a field other than fitness; the manufacturing of electrical appliances. But one idea changed the company’s trajectory into the brand it is today. Approached by a former employee (an avid weightlifter) with the idea to design a barbell that didn’t bend or break, ended in the design of their signature and specially formulated barbell. The hardened steel and waffle pattern knurling changed the sport of weightlifting by building a bar which lasted an entire competition without being damaged.

They continued to shape the weightlifting community with the introduction of the first rubber weights. Paying attention to the needle bearings in the bar design also enabled the brand to enhance performance and safety, creating the ‘Eleiko Feeling’.

Their accomplishments to date include becoming IWF certified, equipping more than 40 world regional championships, several hundred continental and regional championships, partnering with the IPC, as well as being the sole supplier for IPF. If that isn’t enough achievements they have been part of 5 olympic games to date!

Their legacy is built on weightlifting, allowing athletes to step out onto the platform with confidence, enabling them to focus on performance and make record-setting lifts. In 2017 they celebrated 60 years in strength and they aim to continue shaping the future of it.