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Concept2 vs WaterRower – Which Indoor Rowing Machine should you choose?

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Concept2 vs WaterRower, for some rowers it’s an age-old question! Indoor rowing has become vastly popular, which isn’t surprising due to its numerous benefits. Rowing is a great cardio workout for both aerobic and anaerobic training, burning around 600 calories per hour.

Along with cardio, it also provides strength training, working 84% of muscle mass. Indoor rowing targets major muscle groups including shoulders, abdominals and quads, the ideal machine for a full body workout.

Unlike other equipment, rowing machines are perfect for those that require a low impact workout, with no jarring and smooth transitioning. Whether you are a competitive rower or looking for an alternative workout, indoor rowing is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Keen rowers are often divided on which machine is the best for indoor rowing. Here at Gym Marine, we have compared the performance, mechanisms and design of two of the most popular rowing machines on the market: Concept2 vs WaterRower.

Concept2 vs WaterRower: the case for Concept2

With over 40 years’ experience, Concept2 know how to make top-quality indoor rowers. There are 3 different types of Concept2 rowers: Model D, Model E and the Dynamic, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your needs.

concept2 vs waterrower

Concept2 - Performance

Performance monitors are included with all Concept2 rowing machines, known as PM5. Easy to operate, the PM5 records your workout as soon as you begin. Alternatively, you can select your pre-set, favourite or past workouts before you start.

Your distance, speed, pace, calories and watts are recorded and displayed on the PM5. Wireless connectivity allows you to record all your data on apps including Concept2’s ErgData app and heart rate monitors. Data can be stored on the machine itself or on a USB, which can be updated on Concept2’s utility software.

If you’re needing motivation, or just a bit of fun, PM5 includes games. Or, if you’re looking for competition, you can race your friends in the same room or different countries!

Concept 2 vs Water Rower

Concept2 - Mechanisms

All Concept2 models include a damper, allowing you to adjust the airflow to change the feel of the stroke depending on what workout you want.

If you want a similar experience to rowing on water, Concept2’s Dynamic model has a floating footrest. Moving back and forth along the monorail, it requires the same techniques as rowing in a boat and great for sport training. It’s light weight, high-strength cord is particularly beneficial if you are aiming for high stroke rates.

Model’s D and E are alike. Both with adjustable footrests for varied foot sizes, nickel-plated chains and a comfortable handle to support your natural arm and hand positioning. They are great for beginners to competitive rowers.

Concept2 vs WaterRower

Concept2 - Design

Each model is simple to store. Model’s D and E separate into two pieces, whereas the Dynamic rower is stored as one as it only measures at 76in (193cm).

Concept2 have also considered all ranges of accessibility. Model D’s seat height is lower, whereas Model E is 6 inches higher. Perfect for those with limited mobility or who enjoy a raised view.

Concept2 vs WaterRower: the case for WaterRower

The official water rowing machine of British rowing, WaterRower was formed in 1988. Since then they have expanded from the USA to the UK, Australia and Asia, growing in popularity.

Concept2 vs Waterower

WaterRower - Performance

All WaterRowers come with a monitor to measure your performance on each workout. They offer two monitors, S4 or A1.

Measuring time, distance, speed, intensity, stroke rate and heart rate, the S4 is the most inclusive monitor, as the A1 doesn’t record heart rate. Another feature includes workout programs, which can be set for length of time on A1 and also distance on S4. The S4 monitor also allows you to analyse your workout performance online through downloadable software.

Concept2 vs Waterrower

WaterRower - Mechanisms

The unique feature of WaterRower machines is the WaterFlyWheel. It reproduces the precise dynamics of a moving boat, similar to water moving over the hull of the boat. The self-regulated resistance of the WaterRower means you are in control, the harder you row, the faster you go. Allowing you to set the pace, the machine is suitable for all ages and ability.

Comfort is vital during your workout, and the WaterRower is designed with this in mind. With adjustable foot pads and straps for flexibility and a gently gliding cushioned seat.

Concept2 vs Waterrower

WaterRower - Design

Aesthetically pleasing, WaterRower is crafted with sustainable hardwood sourced from the Appalachian Mountains. Available in different designs, including metal if preferred.

The beautifully designed WaterRower is one you want to display. It can simply store upright, using minimal space and no wider than a dining room chair. Integrating your gym equipment with the rest of your furniture.

Ready to Row?

Quite simply, when it comes to Concept 2 vs WaterRower, the decision will be based on your needs.

If tracking your performance is key, Concept2 is the machine for you. The WaterRower performance monitor does provide beneficial data, however not to the level of detail that Concept2’s PM5 does. The ability to connect wirelessly to the PM5 means easy access to your statistics, great for those that enjoy their gadgets.

Concept2’s machines are designed similarly to most rowing machines. However, if you want a piece of equipment beautifully crafted, which fits in with your surroundings, then choose the WaterRower. The replenished wood and tranquil WaterFlyWheel will be the perfect addition for any space.

Lastly, when it comes to Concept2 vs WaterRower based on their mechanisms, it is purely based on your goals. If you are a competitive rower, Concept2’s Dynamic rower is great for practising technique. Whereas the WaterRower’s WaterFlyWheel is a slightly different mechanism than what rowers will be used to due to its self-regulated resistance.

Whichever you choose, Gym Marine can provide you with the full range. Browse all our Concept2 and WaterRower machines below.