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Castaway Fitness Discuss How To Workout On Board.

“BELIEVE YOU CAN AND YOU’RE HALFWAY THERE!” Today we are joined by personal trainer Laura, [...]

10 Most Enviable Superyacht Gyms

The fitness industry worldwide is worth $81.2bn, and the superyacht industry is right up there [...]

Workout in your Crew Cabin

As ex yacht crew ourselves, we know that space is tight and time is a [...]

8 things you need to know about the Absorber Chamois

Everybody knows that the Absorber rules the roost on a Superyacht. The stews steal them [...]

GM Interviews #2: Why Should You Care about Yacht Crew Fitness?

Why yacht crew fitness is something everyone needs to take seriously. Not only do Gym [...]


An Instagram account named ‘Overworked Crew Member‘ has managed to perfectly epitomise the at-times ridiculous [...]

Caring for Superyacht Gym Equipment

Tips and advice on maintaining your superyacht gym equipment from The Superyacht Gym Experts. When [...]