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5 Workout Apps That Will Make You Stick to Your Resolution


It seems like making a resolution for the New Year is one of Western culture’s favourite tools for change. And probably one of the most common promises make ourselves is that “to keep fit”.

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Now, building a fitness routine isn’t a simple task, and not everyone can afford a personal trainer. Thankfully we are in 2017, and you can have your very own PT in your pocket! All you need is a smart phone and you’re good to go. Although, it is easy to feel intimidated by the amount of options. There are a LOT of apps to choose from, so we’ve reviewed and picked out five workout apps that we reckon will help you stick to your resolution. Aren’t we nice?

1. MyWellness App

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Of course, we had to mention the Technogym MyWellness App, what with Technogym equipment being some of the most in-demand equipment by our customers.

The MyWellness app was developed by Technogym, for use on Technogym equipment. You can access a personalised and complete training program which includes all types of training, exercise instructions and videos, and the ability to be able to sign into the app directly on Technogym equipment around the world.

This app is great as it’s super customisable. You can join challenges and sync the app with other apps such as Apple Health, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, Polar, RunKeeper, Strava, Swimtag and Withings.

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2. Map My Fitness

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Map My Fitness is probably one of the better-known fitness apps. You can use it to log over 600 different workouts, take part in challenges, record GPS-based activities, and link it up to your phone to view your activity data around the clock.

You can sync it with calorie-tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal and GoogleFit to save you the labour of logging twice. What’s more, you can add your athletic shoes to the Gear Tracker feature and track your mileage. This will, in turn, help you avoid common injuries and tells you when it’s time to buy a new pair of kicks.

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If you’re trying to beef up (or build lean muscle), it’s important to keep track of your reps, sets, and the weights you’re lifting. The gym app “JEFIT” was designed for bodybuilders, who tend to be rather stat-obsessed. The free app has a few pre-designed routines you can follow and edit, or you can make your own from the list of over 500 exercises. Each exercise has an animation and some procedure tips, and they’re searchable by what specific muscle you want to work and what equipment you have access to.

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4. Yonder


This app is designed for those who like to take their workout beyond the gym. Yonder focuses on outdoors exercise and connects you to people, places, and experiences that will inspire you. From hiking to kayaking, to rock climbing, you name it- Yonder will have it! Just open up the app and it will show you all the places and activities local to you.

There are over 20,000 destinations on this app, and 25 activities to choose from. You can follow and communicate with fellow skiers, bikers or hikers and more from around the world.


5. MyFitnessPal


And to go alongside all of these fitness apps, of course you will need one to track your diet too. You know what they say- abs are made in the kitchen! MyFitnessPal is one app that many people no longer go without. It boast the biggest food database in the world, and you can sync the app up to numerous other apps to ensure that you’re getting your calorie balance sheet right. Even better, it links up to any Polar watch, making your life very easy indeed.

Think of it as a diet and exercise journal. If you’re serious about making change, recording what you eat is an excellent first step- but only if you’re honest! No more secret eating.

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