Life Fitness has evolved with decades of expertise.

For more than 45 years, Life Fitness has been creating fitness solutions for both the consumer and commercial markets.

Starting out as Lifecycle, they developed the industry's first electric bike and the company has gone from strength to strength ever since. Their goal is to motivate and inspire people to keep fit and with that in mind have worked hard to evolve at a pace that will keep them at the forefront of an ever changing market.

In 1993 they launched the Life Fitness Academy, a global training arm that can be accessed from all over the world. This educational centre is aimed at consumers and trainers alike with information about a variety of fitness-related subjects, including various white papers that are designed to educate users on the Life Fitness machines and how to use them in order to achieve the best results.

At Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors, Life Fitness is very popular among our home and superyacht gym clients and with a huge selection on offer. Whether you're looking for a compact cross trainer such as the Life Fitness FS4, a bike like the Life Fitness IC7 Indoor Cycle for serious spinners or a top of the range treadmill such as Life Fitness Platinum Club Series  the options are endless.

£6,995.00 (£5,829.17 exc VAT)
£4,195.00 (£3,495.83 exc VAT)
£6,995.00 (£5,829.17 exc VAT)
£3,995.00 (£3,329.17 exc VAT)
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